3D worlds from 2D images in humans and machines.

One Day Meeting: 3D worlds from 2D images in humans and machines.

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Chairs: Andrew Schofield, Aston University. Richard Bowden, University of Surrey. Wendy Adams University of Southampton.

Keynote Speaker

James Elder. Professor of Human and Computer Vision, York University, Toronto.

Call for Papers

When humans view a photograph they perceive the 3D world that constructed the image. They can, for example, describe the depth relationships between objects, plan a route through the scene and imagine the scene from a different viewpoint. This process is automatic and compulsive. For example, even though humans possess size constancy they will readily misinterpret the size of a person in order to make sense of the rest of the scene as a 3D world. State of the art computer vision systems are now also very good at reconstructing 3D layout from 2D images (3D uplift) although, unlike humans, this is often restricted to specific domains or requires multiple views. This workshop will consider recent developments in 3D uplift as well as our current knowledge of scene understanding in human vision.

Submission Deadline 22nd November

Papers are invited covering aspects of 3D scene perception in humans and 3D uplift in machines including whole scene perception / uplift, object and body pose perception / uplift. Abstracts are not published and re-presentation of previous work is acceptable. https://forms.gle/Fs4fyV84H4CysMKY9

Call for Papers pdf

A copy of the call for papers can be found here.

Meeting Location

The BCS has moved, the meeting will take place at:

British Computer Society (BCS), 25 Copthall Avenue, London EC2R 7BP


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