Generative Networks In Computer Vision and Machine Learning

One Day Meeting: Generative Networks In Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Chairs: Nathan Olliverre

Call for papers:

Generative networks have come to the forefront of research in Computer Vision and Machine Learning having achieved impressive results in various real-world applications such as: image generation, processing and editing, visual domain adaptation and visual recognition. Variants of networks and models have emerged with improvements to sample quality and training stability which has helped to produce state-of-the-art performances. This BMVA Symposium looks to bring together those who have a focus or interest in generative networks for a day of talks previewing novel and exciting research in the area.

The Call for Papers can be downloaded from here.

Submission form:

All those interested in presenting (academics (student or staff) and industrial practitioners in the area) at this meeting are invited to submit an abstract of their talk: The deadline for submission is: Monday 16th September, 2019

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Meeting Location

The BCS has moved, the meeting will take place at:

British Computer Society (BCS), 25 Copthall Avenue, London EC2R 7BP